Contest FAQ

  • How do I enter the “Back-to-school your way” contest?

    To enter the contest, you must:

    • Obtain a IÖGO Nano, IÖGO Zip or IÖGO Nomad product in store or in a food service establishment and identify the UPC code found on the label;
    • Visit and follow the instructions to access the electronic entry form in the promotion section;
    • Enter the UPC code and your email address, then click on “Next step”;
    • Fill in all the required fields, declare that you have read and accepted the contest rules by checking the box, and click on “Next step”;
    • Follow the instructions to create the gift set of your choice and click on “Confirm my entry.”.
  • What’s a UPC? / I can’t find my UPC

    UPCs are universal product codes. Merchants use UPCs to determine the price of products sold based on a fixed weight, quantity or volume. To find the UPC on the label of the participating product, look for a 12 digit code below the product bar code. If the participating product’s code does not work, kindly forward by email and it will be our pleasure to have our Technical Department verify code compliance.

  • Can I enter without buying anything?

    No purchase is necessary to enter. Simply obtain a UPC code from a participating product and follow the steps to enter at

  • What is the value of the items suggested in the personalized gift sets?

    To create your gift set, you must select one item per section. The approximate value of a set of three items is $1,000. For more information about the gift sets and their value, consult the contest rules.

  • Do my children have to be the recommended age for me to be eligible for the daily prize draw?

    You do not have to have children to enter the contest. To make customizing your gift sets easier, we divided the items by age group:

    Dans le but de faciliter la formation des ensembles-cadeaux, les items ont été divisés par tranches d’âge :

    • IÖGO Nano set: 1 to 5 years
    • IÖGO Zip set: 6 to 12 years
    • IÖGO Nomad set: 13 years and over

    The suggested age reflects the type of prize offered in the category, but does not indicate any obligation or restriction as to the contestant’s age or that of the contestant’s children.

  • How can I change my gift set?

    You can create a different set each time you enter the contest. Limit of one entry per person, per day. Once the items in a set have been confirmed, they cannot be changed.

  • If I register several gift sets, which will I win if my entry is selected during a draw?

    You can create a different set each time you enter the contest. At each drawing, an entry is randomly chosen. The gift set related to that entry will become the daily winner’s prize.

  • Which characters should be transcribed in the first part of the entry form?

    Retyping those characters, called Captcha, authenticates the user and prevents fraudulent entries generated by a computer or computer system. These characters are divided into two words, one curved and one straight. If you cannot read them, click on “Refresh image” and a new Captcha will be generated.