Your daily dose of something real

It’s truly important to be as natural as possible, especially when it comes to yogurt! Which is why we say no to gelatine, artificial flavours or colouring.

Canadian Harvest

In Canada, we’re all about the good stuff, which is great because there’s no shortage of good things here. We grow good fruit. We produce good milk. So, at iÖGO, we challenged ourselves to create the ultimate Canadian yogurt that’s even better than good, by collaborating with Agropur employees and customers. With the help of this unique panel, we rounded up the best ingredients to create the perfect smooth and creamy yogurt. A yogurt made here, by people from here, for people from here. Nothing more, nothing less. 


iÖGO for all

The result: yogurt for all occasions and for each and every one of you! We’ve developed the widest range of products, flavours and formats in the country (and we’ve only just begun!) Yogurts that are perfect for: taking along, waiting, when you’re in a hurry, cooking, drinking, digesting, breakfast, lunch, even to freeze, playing outside, stuck in traffic, satisfying your sweet tooth, savouring the present moment. We do it all for you!

Your true nature

Here’s a little secret. Our most important ingredient is you. Or should we say, you’re our greatest source of inspiration. Which is why everything we do is with you in mind. Your needs, your tastes, your habits (even if they’re forever changing)… In short, your true nature.
Your little one made a mess while eating? We thought about it.
Starving before yoga class? Breathe in. We thought about that too.
Feel like crashing in front of the TV? Did we ever think about that one?
Thinking of another example? Us too, because we know how you think.

Our points in common

We share your daily preoccupations, because we’re just like you (except we happen to work in yogurt!). For us and our families, we demand practical products, quality, and most of all it has to be Delicious, with a capital D.


We’re right in your neighbourhood.

We’re proud to be part of Agropur’s cooperative family that brings together 3,024 dairy farmers. We give the best of ourselves to make good quality dairy product. Because our yogurts are full of really great stuff (like canadian milk!). And full of common sense: feeding both our economy and our true nature.

iÖGO is brought to you by Ultima Foods, experts in yogurt for more than 40 years.